Why Dadaab?

Collectively, our work is based on the belief that education is a basic human right that no one should be denied, no matter one’s location or situation. As the world’s largest refugee camp hosting close to half a million people, it exists at the border of Kenya and Somalia and there is a great identified need to support education for all in the camps in a sustained manner. Our program and research work are devoted to increasing access to education in this long-term, protracted refugee camp setting that many call home. An extensive description about Dadaab as well as videos and stories can be found on one of our partner sites, the UBC- and SHRRC-funded Living, Learning, & Teaching in Dadaab (LLTD) Research Project.


Through the development and delivery of higher education and teaching training in the camps as well as learning with and from former Dadaab students/teachers now studying here at UBC, we are working to make this possible. Our secondary teacher education program opened in August of 2014 with close to 200 students participating across the secondary and primary programs.