Ongoing Research Projects

Currently, the work is supported by several funding agencies and includes several related research and development endeavors, including SSHRC, DFATD (formerly CIDA, now Global Affairs Canada), and the Hampton Research Grant (UBC). Collectively, it involves multiple project layers – some only at UBC, some international, and all in support of refugee education. Another way we are tracking this project’s deliverables in conjunction with our partners at York and BHER is the Research and Knowledge Mobilization Committee (RKMC), chaired by Dr. Cynthia Nicol. (blog site link coming soon)


Our work is devoted to two primary agendas:

  • 1 | Researching and conducting ongoing course planning and implementation for the Secondary Teacher Education component which will train teachers in Dadaab; and


  • 2 | Working together with a group of World University Service of Canada (WUSC) sponsored students here at UBC as our co-researchers to better understand notions of living, learning, and teaching in this refugee camp setting.


We are actively working with our partners in order to continue strategic educational partnerships internationally and to support refugee teacher education so that new opportunities become possible from life in the camps. As this project continues to evolve over the course of the next five years of Global Affairs Canada funding, this site can become a virtual home for charting UBC’s movement, successes, stories, course implementation and delivery, and other ongoing reflections by our research team in complement to the work being conducted at York, BHER, and other sites including NGO’s and at the camps themselves. Please check back soon for more updates!