Living, Learning, & Teaching in Dadaab

Beginning in May of 2014, we began working together with six former Dadaab teachers who are now studying here at UBC. As part of this collaborative research partnership, teacher and former student experiences are being explored in order for stories to be collected and shared. This team meets regularly to analyze and transcribe data collected in Dadaab refugee camps and is currently co-writing a paper for publication on curriculum in Dadaab. Follow this link to read more about this specific research project: Living, Learning, & Teaching in Dadaab (LLTD).


This helps to gain greater knowledge of who we work with and teach, as well as better understand the rich possibilities of merging higher education, diploma programs, and secondary teacher training. We are devoted to studying teacher narratives, strengthening girls’ educational equalities in Dadaab (and educational equity in general), as well as supporting important peace programming in the region and worldwide. Our hopes are to learn alongside the Dadaab teachers and students and our UBC instructors who are developing courses for the program.